Most casinos offer bonuses, especially to new players. However, most of the players don't know if they can withdraw their bonuses or any winnings made from these bonuses. Visit 1casino-bonuses to see available games to play with a casino bonus and if you are lucky, you may win something out of the bonus. However, withdrawing winnings from bonuses varies from one casino to the other. It is important to read the fine print, so you don't languish in disappointment. To avoid complications, look for casinos with no wagering bonuses. But be sure that you fulfill any requirements slapped on the bonus since you can't just expect to walk out of the casino with free money.

Read the terms and conditions relating to the bonus before playing and attempting to withdraw your possible winnings. By law, every casino is required to display clearly the terms relating to the bonuses to avoid ambiguity and misunderstanding. It is more challenging if you are unaware of the regulations surrounding the bonuses. Thanks to legislation, you won't have to worry about hidden rules and regulations as everything has to be laid bare. Basically, you want to focus on winning the game rather than the fine print. But you don't want to wallow in ignorance because you may walk out of the casino a disappointed player. It is, therefore, important that you master all the requirements needed for you to qualify to withdraw any winning made from bonuses.

The Concept of Wagering Requirements

Almost every casino you have come across imposes certain wagering requirements on casino bonuses. The reason for these requirements is to avoid situations whereby players can walk out of the casino with free money. Casinos often state the lowest amount of money you should accumulate before withdrawing or state the number of times you are supposed to bet with the bonus amount before you can qualify for the withdrawals. For instance, if a casino states that you should wage 5 times before making withdrawals, it means you won't be able to withdraw your winnings unless your bet rolls five times. The casino would have made enough money to pay out your bonus winnings without any problem.

When it comes to wagering requirements, you also have to look at the rule slapped on initial deposits. Some casinos offer no deposit bonuses while for others. you have to make the first deposit before qualifying for the bonus. But you have to keep in mind that even in cases where the casino doesn't ask for the first deposit, you may still have to make the deposit somewhere along the line. Just remember that you can't possibly squeeze some free money out of the casino since they are out to make money, just like you are out to make wins. But the bonuses do enhance your odds and you can make a win on your lucky day.

Why Wagering Requirements Exist

Although it would appear that online casinos are looking for every opportunity to squeeze money out of their clients, they have a legitimate reason for imposing wagering requirements on their bonuses. The reason is to prevent money laundering through their casinos. Without wagering requirements, some malicious players would simply clean their dirty money by depositing them in the casinos and withdrawing it immediately. This would have serious repercussions for the casino as government agencies would hunt them down for possible wrong-doing. Another reason is, of course, making money. To do this even as they offer free bonuses, they have to ensure that players don't readily make away with the money. They have to spend it back on the casino as they roll it over several times.

Essentially, you would have to fulfill all the wagering requirements for you to be able to withdraw any winnings you may make at the casino from the casino bonus. Online casinos don't want to be accused of abetting money laundering, so they cannot let you deposit money into their accounts and withdraw it immediately after a few rounds. The casinos also don't want you walking away with free money without playing as many games as possible. But understanding the wagering requirements can help you have a better experience at the online casino. Know when to withdraw so that you don't become a victim of ignorance. Take advantage of the various bonuses at online casinos, and hope that you may get something out of them.